[Recipe] Easy PALEO Bagels! Air fryer or oven …

I’ve made this easy bagel recipe from Skinny Taste a bunch of times with gluten-free AP flour, but I tried it last night with cassava flour and it worked so well! Literally replace cassava flour for AP flour 1:1. I’m also dairy-free so I used Coyo natural yogurt instead of Greek yogurt and they still turned out great! Made mine in the air fryer but the recipe gives directions for the oven as well.

I prefer to slice and toast them and then eat so they get nice and crispy! You can also slice and store them in the freezer to toast later.

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Tortilla chips alternative [Discussion] via /r…

I know Siete Foods has a Paleo tortilla chip, but they use avocado oil and some of us (🙋🏻‍♀️) are allergic to avocado. At Kroger yesterday I found cauliflower tortilla chips made by From The Ground Up and they are amazing!

Ingredients list as follows: cassava, organic sunflower oil, cauliflower, chia seed, sea salt, vegetable blend (spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, shiitake mushrooms), garlic, parsley, and celery seed.

They also make cauliflower stix, comparable to Veggie Stix. Super impressed with the flavor and will definitely be buying them again!

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Just changed to Paleo and would love some advi…

Hello! I decided to go Paleo a few weeks ago for energy levels and mental health and my amazing girlfriend has joined me! It’s going well but we are struggling to ‘feel full’ or satisfied after dinner and feeling really hungry still.

Also we loved baking and were wondering if you guys have and good baking recipes?

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Paleo in Vietnam (travel) [Question] via /r/Pa…

Hi everyone, I’ve been eating mostly paleo for 2 years now to manage my ulcerative proctitis and all is well for the most part! My digestion is not perfect, some days are better than others, but overall life is good! That being said, I’ve recently had the opportunity to go live in Vietnam for a few months (something I’ve always wanted to do) and I decided to take it. I’ll be staying in Saigon for a month and Nha Trang for a month.

However, my biggest concern above all is simply how much I’ll be able to control my diet. I understand Vietnamese food has danger zones all over the place for us with shitty stomachs – most dishes have rice/noodles/added sugar/potential water vegetable/contamination/MSG/etc. So I plan to hopefully do most of my own cooking while I gain a better understanding of the culture and food options before deciding which options to trust. Has anyone here been to SE Asia recently with a goal to eat paleo who may have a few tips? Will I be able to grocery shop (even if it’s inconvenient) like I would do here in America? Meaning are store bought vegetables and meats reliably safe?

I think I’m hoping to be able to say to myself “okay worst comes to worst we can always grocery shop”. Or something to have peace of mind about food. The other reddit threads I’ve read seem to say “GOOD LUCK”, but I’m willing to go out of my way significantly if need be. Thanks for any info!

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Whats considered in-season fruits/vegetables i…

The one thing I’m always reading is to purchased in-season fruits/vegetables locally.

So if you live in area up north(Lets say New York) what typically is considered in-season fruits/vegetables in the winter?

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[Question] Frozen Sous Vide Meal Recipes via /…

I’d like to move more in the direction of preparing paleo lunch in advance. Has anyone ever come across a paleo meal (or meals) that can be both frozen and fully cooked / ready to eat via sous vide?

Submitted January 22, 2020 at 02:18PM by Cheffreyy
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